Pacific Trading & Recycling LLC is an Electric and Water meter recycler. We have contracts with many different large corporate utilities and small to large Co-ops.

We pay top price for electric meter scrap and water meter scrap. When we work with you on your project we pay all of the frth. All payments are issued within five day of pickup. Also, all meter are completely recycled. No meters are resold for reuse or parts.

Meters can be picked up by our trucks or commercial carrier. Also, meters can be left in shipping boxes or shipped lose. In addition, we abide by all State, Local, and Federal laws, and or the laws of the country of operation. We can serve your company's needs from three locations around the world. Our yards in China and Indonesia can serve your needs in Asia. Our Alabama office can serve your Western Hemisphere needs.

Certified letters of correct recycling will issued, so you can be assured of responsible recycling.

Meters are bought on a per lb basis. We can purchase with or without glass covers. Prices are adjusted with the copper market. We have 30 years experience in the recycling business.