Residential Recycling Services & You

When most people think about metals they think of gold, silver, bronze, and platinum; however, many things that we use daily contain very valuable metals, such as, aluminum, copper, lead, tin, iron, steel, cast-iron, etc. Everyone has some sort of recyclable metal that they need to dispose of and why not make top dollar on something you were going to throw away anyway. Extra money in your pocket is a plus but the benefits to metal recycling for our environment are astronomical. Metal extraction consumes considerable quantities of water and energy and produces large amounts of emissions, residue, and waste.

Here at Pacific Trading and Recycling, we have well-trained professional employees that are ready and willing to serve you in getting top dollar for your recyclable scrap metal. Stop by to view our brand new facility where you can drive right up to the warehouse and our friendly employees will help you unload your material, take it to the scales, and send you to a cashier for immediate payment. Please contact us by phone or email for current pricing or with any questions you might have.

Restrictions: Acceptable & Non-acceptable Items

Non-ferrous Metals

  • Air conditioning parts: compressors, copper aluminum radiators, window units
  • Aluminum: ACSR wire, aluminum cast, aluminum clip, aluminum sheet, aluminum wheels, aluminum wire, aluminum cans, aluminum shaving, irony aluminum, MLC
  • Automotive: aluminum auto radiators, batteries, brass automotive radiators, irony brass radiators, junk vehicles, starters, alternators, transmissions
  • Brass: brass shells, faucets, EDM wire, irony brass, mixed brass, red brass, yellow brass
  • Breakage: ac/dc chargers, gas meters, mixed metal, mixed plastic, radiator ends
  • Computer Scrap: floppy/CD drives, high grade boards, low grade boards, mother boards, pc towers, power supplies
  • Copper: #1 copper, #2 copper, #1 copper bus bars, bare copper wire and tubing, insulated copper wire
  • Electrical scrap: aluminum/ copper welders, ballast, breakers, copper welders, electric motors, light heads, stators, switches, transformers
  • Lead: soft lead, unclean lead wheel weights, range lead
  • Stainless Steel: 304 stainless, 316 stainless, irony stainless, RA330
  • Water meters: brass bottom, iron bottom, plastic bottom
  • Electrical power meters

Ferrous Metals

  • Steel: Busheling, tin, #1 Heavy melt, cast iron, mixed 1 / 2, plate / structural, processed steel, silicon steel, tungsten, white goods, large machinery, forklifts

Unacceptable items:

  • Sealed containers such as:
    • Paint cans
    • 55 gallon drums
    • Gas tanks
    • Oxygen cylinders
    • Aerosol cans
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Any container under pressure or containing chemicals
    • Live ammunition or explosive materials
  • Dirt, debris, trash, or any liquids, including but not limited to oil, water, gas, paint, chemicals, or Propane
  • Mercury or any mercury bearing items
  • Air conditioners or appliances that contain Freon
  • Flammable, hazardous, toxic or radioactive material
  • Computer monitors or keyboards
  • PCB Capacitors or PCB capacitor bearing materials and items

All customers must have a valid state or federal ID.

We DO NOT accept stolen materials!!!

Vehicles do not have to have a title if they are at least 12 years old.

New law effective August 1, 2012

Pacific Trading & Recycling, LLC. operates in full compliance with the new scrap law HB278.

According to Alabama Law HB278, Section 13A-8-37, it is unlawful to purchase the following, unless verifiable documentation can be provided:

  • Cemetery metals: statues, plaques, vases, markers, memorials, or other bronze items
  • All railroad scrap
  • Street and highway signs
  • Copper wire that has been burned
  • Scrap from utility companies: telephone, electric, cable, and water
  • Beer kegs
  • Manhole or storm drain covers
  • Loose catalytic converters
  • A copper, aluminum or copper/aluminum condensing or evaporating coil, including it’s tubing or rods, from a heating or air conditioning unit, excluding scrap from window air conditioning units and automobile condenser coils