Industrial & Commercial Recycling

Pacific Trading & Recycling, LLC. can handle all of your industrial or commercial recycling needs. We have an extensive container service capable of providing convenient pick up for companies that generate scrap. We service a multitude of industries such as tier 1 and tier 2 stamping companies, fabrication shops, and manufacturing companies.

Our services include tractors, roll-offs, open top trailers, flat bed trailers, dump trailers, etc. We will provide boxes, containers, and pallets on site. Our professional and reliable service is top notch and safety is always our #1 priority.

For more information on our industrial and commercial services please contact Chuck Brown at 256-442-3555 or email.

Utility Services

Our electric power meter service is extensive and includes several years of experience working with many large corporate utility companies, as well as, diversified cooperative companies. We purchase residential and commercial meters for recycle. We also have contracts with multiple municipal and utility water coops, large and small, nationwide.

We pay top price for electric and water meter scrap. Working with your company on a project means Pacific Trading & Recycling, LLC pays for all freight and all payments are issued within five days of pickup.

Meters are picked up by our trucks or a commercial carrier. There is no packaging preference, meters can be left in shipping boxes or shipped loosely, with or without glass covers. All meters are completely recycled and never resold for reuse or parts. Certified letters of correct and appropriate recycling will be issued to guarantee responsible recycling. In addition, we abide by all State, Local, and Federal Laws, and or the laws of the country of operation. Meters are bought on a per pound and per meter bases and prices are adjusted according to the market.

We can serve your company’s needs from three locations around the world. We have locations in China and Thailand fully capable of serving all of Asia’s needs. Our Alabama location is capable of serving all of the Western Hemisphere.

Please contact Caleb Frey at 256-393-6315 or email for references or more information.

Electronics and Data Center Services

Pacific Trading & Recycling, LLC. takes pride in the 30 years of experience we have in DE installation and removal of server centers, mainframe computers, and all types of PC’s. We have extensive experience and have worked many contracts in recycling for government, aviation, utility, and telecommunications corporations.

We are a fully insured recycling company that holds our ISO 9001 certification. We are a member of Member of A.E.S.P (Association of Energy Services Professionals) and NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association). Our company guarantees a friendly professional staff that ensures safety and integrity.

Contact Tony Pearson at 256-442-3555 or email for inquiries.